Week in the Life – Wednesday photos


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Still enjoying the process of capturing the ‘everyday’. This is not an ideal week as I am on leave but I am still finding plenty to photograph. My plan was to use the dSLR more but I find the self timer mode tricky.

2014-10-29 07.20.30

Not my favourite task but the uniforms have to be ironed. I am almost never organised enough to have them done in advance. It actually gives me a few minutes to think about what else has to get done for the day.


2014-10-29 08.49.41

On Wednesdays I volunteer at the school and do reading with the children. Paige loves that I go and do this with her class.


2014-10-29 09.53.54

I swear I do not go out for coffee everyday (just this week, lol). Caught up with my beautiful friend Deb and we had a great chat and I helped her pick out a hat for Melbourne Cup Day.


2014-10-29 14.35.51

I am an avid crafter but have not done a great deal of sewing for quite a while now so it was great that I got a bit of sewing done (first successful shot with the self timer).


2014-10-29 13.30.58

This was the rigmarole to try and get a breakfast shot…. hmmm. Keep trying.


2014-10-29 14.46.19Paige had a GREAT day at school, someone bought in ice-creams for a birthday celebration.


2014-10-29 18.29.43

I cooked dinner, something I like to do.


2014-10-29 23.00.38

Paige doesn’t sleep well without this guy. She has had him since she was a few weeks old. My obstetrician gave him to her. We make sure he is always packed into the bag that goes to Nana’s when Paige sleeps over.

Here is the Wednesday template:

2014-10-29 20.30.54


Thanks for looking.


Week in the Life – Tuesday Photos


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Hi there!

I have been taking all sorts of photos and am trying to stay focused on capturing the ‘everyday’. Mostly I am using my iPhone but will try to get a few more with the dSLR tomorrow.
2014-10-28 08.37.26

My Breakfast


2014-10-28 07.30.52

Paige’s sight words. I am putting in a really big effort to be patient with her, we read through these every morning and she gets tested at school on Friday mornings. She is very proud to get 5 out of 5 for the last two weeks.


2014-10-28 09.42.32

Got some housework chores done in the morning. Not very exciting but glad it was done.


2014-10-28 12.25.34

Am making the most of my week off to catch up with lots of friends this week. Today I met up with Tracey for a coffee at Cafe Society. Was great to see her.


2014-10-28 12.18.52

Hit the bank before picking Paige up from school.


2014-10-28 16.06.09

It is really starting to heat up here and Paige thought it would be a great opportunity to get wet when I put the sprinkler on to water the grass. She whipped her clothes off and was running around and squealing in no time.


2014-10-28 19.17.26

Reading is important in this house. I like to read some books with her every night that we are home (when I am not working).


2014-10-28 19.18.06But this is what she prefers to do, I let her have a few minutes on the iPad when she has been good.


Here is the Tuesday template.


That was Tuesday.

Cheers, Sharon

Week in the Life – Monday photos


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I am currently doing the Ali Edwards ‘Week in the Life’ project. I can tell already that I am going to find the journaling the most challenging part.

Below are some of the pictures that I have taken this week.

2014-10-26 20.02.06

Sunday night/Monday morning, Paige slept at Nana’s house while I went to work. Here she is tucked up in bed just before I left.


2014-10-26 19.06.31

My fussy eater did a great job eating her grandmothers roast dinner, it is starting to get easier.


2014-10-26 18.20.48

Freshly ironed school uniforms, Paige attends a beautiful school and she is really blossoming into a very confidant little student. She dresses herself at Nana’s before I pick her up in the morning after work.



2014-10-26 18.43.47

Our cat Isobel, she was disgusted that I fed her catfood – she definitely prefers tuna.


2014-10-26 21.15.34

I worked a night shift on Sunday night so have included a few work photos as I will be on leave for the rest of the week. Usually my work roster determines everything else that is happening in this family so a week at home is not our ‘usual’.


2014-10-26 21.24.15

These halls are bustling during the day, but at night time it is very quiet. I love working the night shift but suffer as I am so, so, so tired.


2014-10-26 18.40.59

This is what is required to tame Paige’s curly hair. If I don’t condition it turns into a total mess. She doesn’t enjoy doing her hair and it can be a real drama if we have knots, I’ll try anything for a quiet life…


2014-10-27 08.57.48


I usually try to not sleep during the day after my last night shift in the hopes of getting to bed at a reasonable hour. This doesn’t always happen but I kept busy doing some errands on Monday morning.


2014-10-27 13.07.46Had a lunch date with my good friend Sarah from Documenting Chaos, she is doing this project too.


2014-10-27 19.47.03

Mission accomplished, a busy day that finished with Paige asleep in my bed.


I will be using the Ali Edwards templates, here is the title page for Monday. Most of the printing and embellishing will happen next week.

2014-10-28 00.10.32






Dilly Bag-a-long

Hi Everyone,

I recently decided to join in with Angie from GnomeAngel in her Dilly Bag-a-long. It has been a very long time since I have unpacked my sewing machine as I tend to do mainly hand sewing these days.


The Dilly Bag pattern by Judy Newman is the perfect mix of English paper piecing and machine sewing.

I made a very dodgy looking template and got into the fussy cutting. I used a selection of fat quarters and got to work on the hexagons and came up with something a bit different to what I’ve been doing lately.





The placement of the hexagons was a random thing, I just tried to not have two the same next to each other.



As a very recent convert to using glue over hand-basting, I find it so much quicker and that gives me more time to join them up (and maybe even finish some projects ;) )


I like to remove the papers at the end of the project, it keeps the ‘fabric’ together while it is being handled a lot.

After getting all of the hexagons joined it was time to unpack my very neglected sewing machine (I’m just glad that she was still talking to me after all of this time).

It would have been handy if I could have found some pins too (in my defence most of my stuff is packed while I move between houses).



Another great thing about doing this bag-a-long is that I discovered that I am not the only quilter in the house… Paige (5) was very intrigued with the whole process.



My basic sewing skills came back to me and I was able to put together a bag that resembled the pattern.




After a more than two year absence from any machine sewing I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone who is looking for a quick and cute little bag.





Check out this blog post with some beautiful hexies:

Wednesday 23 September: Sharon @ Simple Things


The following bloggers will also be (or have) participating in the bag-a-long

Friday 26 September: Sharon @ The Projects of My Life - that’s me!!

Wednesday 1 October: Judith @ Just Jude

Friday 3 October: Progress link party here @ GnomeAngel.com

Wednesday 8 October: Kate @ Stitched with Love

Friday 10 October: Kathy @ iamacraftykat

Monday 13 October: Barbara @ Sunflower Stitcheries

Wednesday 15 October: Rachel @ Little White Dove

Friday 17 October: End link party here @ GnomeAngel.com

Thanks for a great little pattern Judy, and thanks to Angie for organising this bag-a-long. I may leave the sewing machine out and see what else I can do. :)




December Daily 2013 – Day 5


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I had a sick little girl at home with me today so we had a very quiet day. The highlight for Paige was that another little Elf joined our house. A girl elf! Her name is Holly. My highlight was a long snuggle on the couch with Paige while she slept.

I kept it to just the one page today.


Here are the Elf pages.



The bingo card was perfect for this day.

Thanks for looking.


December Daily 2013 – Day 4


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Last official day of kindergarten for Paige today which has had me feel a little blue (silly I know). There was a break up party with lots of food and celebration and the children sang some carols. The priest who works with the school came along and did a sweet prayer with the kids, it was a nice day.

We gave the name badges that I posted a picture of yesterday to the teachers, they loved them!

I’ve only done one page for today, kept it quite simple.


Our elf, Ralph was no where to be seen this morning. Paige hunted high and low, eventually he was found in the fridge where he had made the milk turn BLUE! I’ve added a few photos to those pages.

2013-12-4 (3)


Tomorrow Ralph the Elf will have a huge surprise for Paige ;)



December Daily 2013 – Day 3


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Hi there!

Tuesday is a kindergarten day for Paige so that means a lot of my photos were focused on that. As it is their last official week the children have been wearing their Christmas shirts and getting into the spirit. Paige brought home an ornament that she had made, it was fairly flat so I have included that and a piece of the wrapping paper that she stamped into the day’s layout.

Left side:

IMG_5635 - CopyQuite simple, the glitter pocket from yesterday. A couple of 3×4 photos and I used Ali’s digital overlays again.

The right side:

IMG_5636 - Copy




I have just written straight onto the preprinted journal card, I like how I can add a bit to it without losing a photo spot elsewhere.

I also included a 4×4 insert.

IMG_5637 - Copy

IMG_5638 - Copy


And here is the first finished Elf on the Shelf page from the back of the album.

IMG_5648 - Copy


Hope you 3rd day was a good one.

I am loving seeing all of the projects that are being posted all over the net. I don’t know of another project that gets so many people involved.

See you tomorrow. ;)



December Daily 2013 – Day 2


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Today got off to a very exciting start when my daughter Paige saw that our Elf on the Shelf – Ralph – had returned. He came bearing gifts, a big basket full of wrapped books for her to pick one from each night for us to read together. Paige doesn’t remember that Ralph actually brought a lot of these books last year – lucky Mummy!

2013-12-2 (21)

To mix it up a little this year I am using a divider in my album and devoting a whole section just to the Elf and his antics. The pages so far look like this:

2013-12-2 (6)

The title page.

2013-12-2 (5)

The arrival! This photo is about 5×5.

2013-12-2 (25)

The first book, this photo is printed to fit a 3×4 slot.

For the ‘daily’ section of the album, today looked like this:

2013-12-2 (31)

On the left side is another 6×8 photo with a digital overlay. The little tag has ‘Christmas word’ stickers on it, from Pretty Little Studio.

On the right:

2013-12-2 (30)

A glittery shaker pocket and some machine stitching onto a journal card at the top. I am going to go back and redo the journaling – my writing is too scratchy and I can’t look past it, these cards will end up typed.

Edited to add: I have typed up a card now and am much happier with it. The font is called Minya and was a free download.


Here are some close ups:

2013-12-2 (26) 2013-12-2 (27) 2013-12-2 (28) 2013-12-2 (7)

Thanks for looking.

Happy December Daily. :)


December Daily 2013 – Dec 1


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So excited that December is finally here and I can get going on my favourite project. This year my DD will be done primarily using the Studio Calico kit plus extra items from my stash. I will also be using some digital overlays by Ali Edwards that I have bought from DesignerDigitals.

I am going to try to finish each page on the actual day and get a blog post done. I will just be using photos from the iphone to keep it quick and easy on the blog.

The first of December is the day that the Christmas tree goes up in our house (this year it was too much for Paige (4) and we did put some smaller ones up earlier in the week).


My 4 year old painted me a cute Christmas tree that just had to go on this page. The journal card is from the SC kit. I’ve been trying to use my Silhouette Cameo on this project as well, the Christmas tree cut out is one of Ali’s digital files, behind it is a shaker pocket that I made with green tree confetti and a wood veneer. (Note to self: must work harder on the handwriting).


This is a cut down page protector from Becky Higgins. I popped in a couple of the Instagrams that I had taken earlier in the week from when Paige decorated her trees. (I will be using Instagram a lot during December, if you want to follow me I am : shoppershaz)


I made us Christmas pancakes for breakfast – so easy with the cookie cutters but a good tip is to make sure you give them a good spray with oil before pouring in the mixture. The other photo is Paige with her Advent Calendar – this year is the first time that I have had one for her and she seems to really enjoy it.


This page is a sheet of clear acetate with the buttons glued on, one of them ‘escaped’ but I have glued it back down now. Love the transparent look and the photo of the real Christmas tree showing through. I will be putting in a lot of inserts and page dividers throughout the whole album, it was something I did last year too and I think it adds a bit of interest.


This is a 6×8 photo with one of Ali’s overlays. Clean and simple.

Thanks for looking, please let me know what you think.

Happy December Daily!!



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