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I am currently doing the Ali Edwards ‘Week in the Life’ project. I can tell already that I am going to find the journaling the most challenging part.

Below are some of the pictures that I have taken this week.

2014-10-26 20.02.06

Sunday night/Monday morning, Paige slept at Nana’s house while I went to work. Here she is tucked up in bed just before I left.


2014-10-26 19.06.31

My fussy eater did a great job eating her grandmothers roast dinner, it is starting to get easier.


2014-10-26 18.20.48

Freshly ironed school uniforms, Paige attends a beautiful school and she is really blossoming into a very confidant little student. She dresses herself at Nana’s before I pick her up in the morning after work.



2014-10-26 18.43.47

Our cat Isobel, she was disgusted that I fed her catfood – she definitely prefers tuna.


2014-10-26 21.15.34

I worked a night shift on Sunday night so have included a few work photos as I will be on leave for the rest of the week. Usually my work roster determines everything else that is happening in this family so a week at home is not our ‘usual’.


2014-10-26 21.24.15

These halls are bustling during the day, but at night time it is very quiet. I love working the night shift but suffer as I am so, so, so tired.


2014-10-26 18.40.59

This is what is required to tame Paige’s curly hair. If I don’t condition it turns into a total mess. She doesn’t enjoy doing her hair and it can be a real drama if we have knots, I’ll try anything for a quiet life…


2014-10-27 08.57.48


I usually try to not sleep during the day after my last night shift in the hopes of getting to bed at a reasonable hour. This doesn’t always happen but I kept busy doing some errands on Monday morning.


2014-10-27 13.07.46Had a lunch date with my good friend Sarah from Documenting Chaos, she is doing this project too.


2014-10-27 19.47.03

Mission accomplished, a busy day that finished with Paige asleep in my bed.


I will be using the Ali Edwards templates, here is the title page for Monday. Most of the printing and embellishing will happen next week.

2014-10-28 00.10.32