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The story of Day 4 is that it was the 2nd last day of school for Paige. There was a lot of gift giving and celebrations.

The teachers put on a beautiful powerpoint presentation of the classes highlights, it is incredible how much these little kids have grown and developed. There was a little party at the end for the children and parents to enjoy.

In the album on the left, I have included a 6×8 of our Christmas Star – I am wanting to swap that out for an Angel topper but am waiting to find the perfect one.

2014-12-05 09.39.28

This red wooden ornament is a gift from the kids in the class (with some chocolates) to say thanks for helping out with reading in the classroom.2014-12-05 09.39.42

2014-12-05 09.40.15This little insert is a page protector that I cut in half. It has one of the PaisleePress cards and piece of transparency.

2014-12-05 09.40.27

2014-12-05 09.40.36On the back of the insert is a photo of a decoration that Paige made me. Adorable!! That cute little guy will becoming out every year forever. 🙂 Will add some bling to the back of the transparency.

2014-12-05 09.40.54

2014-12-05 09.41.03I like to include Paige’s Christmas art in the album too. I guess she won’t always want to make it so it is ALL going in now. This star was the card that went with the gift of the framed handprints in the background. It is going to leave a trail of blue glitter every where it goes.

2014-12-05 09.41.21


“Dear Mum Merry Christmas Love Paige”  Awwwww. 🙂

2014-12-05 09.41.50

I put the story directly onto the top photo. Will probably add a journal spot or something to the bottom one.

2014-12-05 09.42.27

This page has a photo of the gifts we gave to the teachers. The other one is today’s haul of Christmas cards and gifts from school friends. I will put a journal spot on here somewhere too.

Here are the photos of the spreads:

2014-12-05 09.43.04 2014-12-05 09.43.13 2014-12-05 09.43.19

Thanks for looking.