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Still enjoying the process of capturing the ‘everyday’. This is not an ideal week as I am on leave but I am still finding plenty to photograph. My plan was to use the dSLR more but I find the self timer mode tricky.

2014-10-29 07.20.30

Not my favourite task but the uniforms have to be ironed. I am almost never organised enough to have them done in advance. It actually gives me a few minutes to think about what else has to get done for the day.


2014-10-29 08.49.41

On Wednesdays I volunteer at the school and do reading with the children. Paige loves that I go and do this with her class.


2014-10-29 09.53.54

I swear I do not go out for coffee everyday (just this week, lol). Caught up with my beautiful friend Deb and we had a great chat and I helped her pick out a hat for Melbourne Cup Day.


2014-10-29 14.35.51

I am an avid crafter but have not done a great deal of sewing for quite a while now so it was great that I got a bit of sewing done (first successful shot with the self timer).


2014-10-29 13.30.58

This was the rigmarole to try and get a breakfast shot…. hmmm. Keep trying.


2014-10-29 14.46.19Paige had a GREAT day at school, someone bought in ice-creams for a birthday celebration.


2014-10-29 18.29.43

I cooked dinner, something I like to do.


2014-10-29 23.00.38

Paige doesn’t sleep well without this guy. She has had him since she was a few weeks old. My obstetrician gave him to her. We make sure he is always packed into the bag that goes to Nana’s when Paige sleeps over.

Here is the Wednesday template:

2014-10-29 20.30.54


Thanks for looking.