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Hi there!

I have been taking all sorts of photos and am trying to stay focused on capturing the ‘everyday’. Mostly I am using my iPhone but will try to get a few more with the dSLR tomorrow.
2014-10-28 08.37.26

My Breakfast


2014-10-28 07.30.52

Paige’s sight words. I am putting in a really big effort to be patient with her, we read through these every morning and she gets tested at school on Friday mornings. She is very proud to get 5 out of 5 for the last two weeks.


2014-10-28 09.42.32

Got some housework chores done in the morning. Not very exciting but glad it was done.


2014-10-28 12.25.34

Am making the most of my week off to catch up with lots of friends this week. Today I met up with Tracey for a coffee at Cafe Society. Was great to see her.


2014-10-28 12.18.52

Hit the bank before picking Paige up from school.


2014-10-28 16.06.09

It is really starting to heat up here and Paige thought it would be a great opportunity to get wet when I put the sprinkler on to water the grass. She whipped her clothes off and was running around and squealing in no time.


2014-10-28 19.17.26

Reading is important in this house. I like to read some books with her every night that we are home (when I am not working).


2014-10-28 19.18.06But this is what she prefers to do, I let her have a few minutes on the iPad when she has been good.


Here is the Tuesday template.


That was Tuesday.

Cheers, Sharon