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I’ll be sharing this post at The Mom Creative.

I’ve put a bit of effort into this weeks PL and I think it looks pretty good. I was a bit short of photos so have included a couple of filler cards (the hippo one is a copy of a print that I have just bought from Etsy – I’ve loved hippos since I was a little girl and have a bit of a collection).

Here is the layout – sorry about the glare:

The left side:

The right side:

And some close ups:

Title page

Miss P revelling in her new tea-set games.

My new hand punch and a quote I found on Pinterest.

Chai Latte and a melting moment – perfect morning tea.

My Mum’s 70th Birthday.

Another proud moment… :p

A tiny preview of my travel journal – still working on it.

A playdate for Paige and her friend Mitchell.

My sleeping beauty and some trivia – highest rainfall in 24 hours for 62 years – it was alot!

More of this never-ending quilt.

I’ve been on holidays so am nice and relaxed but back to work this Saturday on night shift. I will be doing 6 nights per fortnight from then on so hopefully I will be able to keep up-to-date and get some sleep.

Thanks for looking, leave me some love if you have the time – I love reading your comments.



PS: Week 27 is missing but I do have the photos – will get it finished and do an extra post.