Last year we had a cute little elf called Ralph come and visit us for the Christmas holidays. He looked a bit lonely so this year I have organised for him to bring a little girl friend with him.

When I opened the Elf on Shelf Girl I was a bit disappointed to see that she didn’t come with a skirt, in fact she looked just like Ralph but with eyelashes and earrings.

After finding the little skirts for sale on the internet at some crazy prices I decided to make my own. There were a few tutorials out there – I found this one at Seven Pretty Blog quite cute but decided to make an even more simple model for our yet-to-be-named girl elf.

This is what we did.

The elf picked out a fabric she liked – in this case it was a piece of white felt.


Then with a little help from me the elf traced a circle shape onto the felt – we used a small bowl. The next step was to trace another small circle in the middle and then cut that out (to leave a donut shape) – my advice if using felt is to make the inner circle much smaller than you think you will  need, ours ended up being too big after the elf slipped it on.


Because the waist hole was too large I ended up folding some little darts into the opening. I stitched those on my machine.


After this it was just up to the elf to decide how she would like her little skirt decorated. She went with silver confetti snowflakes and silver ribbon. I used a hot glue gun to adhere them to the felt. We also added a few onto her hat while we were gluing.


The elf thought the skirt could be improved a little more so I got some sharp scissors and cut a fluted edge to it.


To celebrate the elf coming to live with us I also gave her some diamond earrings (small diamontes glued on).

This would be a cute activity to do with your kids in December but I wanted mine to be a surprise for Paige. I think she will love this little girl-elf.