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Hello! 🙂

Wednesday was a crazy day for me. I took all of the photos on the iPhone, so much for using the dSLR…

The day went something like this:

4:00am – 7:00am – Night shift – got a nap in between as it was really quiet.

7:30am – Picked up Paige, went home

8:00 – Made lunch and got Paige organised for kindergarten

8:40 – Kindy drop off

9:00am – Weightwatcher meeting – first one.

11:45am – Doctor Appointment

12:30pm – Chores/Shopping/Petrol

3:00pm – Collected Paige

3:30pm – Swimming lesson for Paige

4:30pm – Bought Paige some dinner on the way home

5:30pm – Shops for some groceries and a quick coffee at Mum’s house.

7:00pm – Paige into bed

10:00pm – Fell asleep on the couch

12:30am – Went to bed

Phew… long day.


Wednesday LHS copy



Wednesday RHS copy


Photo collage of smaller pics to put into page protector pockets.

Wednesday 8x11 copy


Enjoying everything about this project. Thanks for looking.