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I am getting into the swing of WITL. I am spamming all of my followers on Instagram each day – you can find me over there as ‘shoppershaz’.

I took about 100 photos with my iPhone and only a few with my dSLR – must try to use it more tomorrow.

I am structuring my days using Ali’s sheets as a guide, therefore my day starts at 4:00am.

Tuesday went something like this for us:

4:00am – 7:00am – Night shift

7:30am – Picked up Paige, went home

8:00 – Made lunch and got Paige organised for kindergarten

8:40 – Kindy drop off

10:00am – 11:00am – Sleep

12:00 – 2:00pm – Art Journal class

4:00pm – Met my friend Sarah for a coffee

5:00pm – Collected Paige

7:00pm – To Mum’s house for dinner

8:00pm – Drive to work

8:45pm – Nightshift

A fairly typical work/kindy day for us. I can clearly see a big lack of sleep for me yesterday.


Tuesday LHS copy


Tuesday RHS copy

This collage will be cut up and the photos put into the page protectors when they arrive, with some embellishing.

Tuesday 8x11 copyI think am going to add a card into the page protector with the breakdown of the day (as above) for journaling rather than use the hand-written sheets that I am recording on.

Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow! πŸ™‚