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Hi! It has been such a long time since I’ve blogged. I really lost my mojo but it might be slowly creeping back.

Up until now I have only completed 3 weeks of PL, last year I was always up to date and had a blog post done at least every week. Life has been busy and I was quite unwell since Christmas Eve until only a few weeks ago really, nothing too serious – just very run-down.

I started the year out doing typical PL 12×12 layouts using the Design A page protectors. Absolutely loved the Seafoam kit when I saw it.


I had vague plans of changing my approach to 2013 and using the SN@P albums but it didn’t happen, even though I had bought 4 of these little 6×8 albums to use for the year.


Last weekend I did something that I have never done before (since becoming a Mum). I went on a 6 day ROAD TRIP with two of my girlfriends, including Sarah from Documenting Chaos.

We headed south to the Sunshine Coast, where we met up with 12 other PL fanatics from the PL Australia Facebook group. We had an absolute ball and it was great to be around a group of lovely ladies who all ‘get it’ about Project Life.

I’ve almost finished a trip journal using a SN@P album and it has got some enthusiasm started. Yay! (I will blog this book when it is finished too).

I have gone back and pulled all of the cards from my 12×12 pages and restarted 2013 using the SN@P albums. Here are a few of the redone pages – not quite finished but in the book 🙂 :

018 019 020 021 022

I have printed most of the photos for the rest of the weeks and will do some more posts shortly.  Here you can see the page protectors with all of the photos in them.


Talk to you soon,

Sharon 🙂