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EDIT: Β The pattern for this quilt is now available for sale at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Post-Office-Patchwork/1460320557527771


My Insanity Quilt is a hand-pieced project that is definitely of the long term variety. I started out very well and have done an awful lot but my interest is flagging a little.

With a total of more than 10,000 hexagons I feel that I’ve made great progress.

This picture shows most of the hexies that have been joined in some way. I still have a huge bag of loose coloured ones (over 1000) that will become part of the the multicoloured border. Another big bag of white ones (over 2000) to which I have to add a heck of a lot more.


The thin raspberry border took me an age to decide on but now after seeing it laid out like this I think I made a good choice, now to kick on and make the rest of them…


They look like little jewels when I see them all together, these are not placed in any particular order, I just grabbed them out of the bag and this is how it turned out.Image

I haven’t set myself any rules for placement of the colours other than I do not want to repeat any. Looking at these photos I can see a few duplicates (they will be unpicked and added to the borders.


Some of my girlfriends have amazing stashes of fabrics and they have been saving and giving me a lot of their scraps. I have not bought any of the coloured fabrics in this quilt, they are all from stash or scraps. I do not have gigantic hands, these little hexies are only half inch in size!

2013-1-22 (9)

My ‘white’ fabrics are actually about 20 different fabrics. It really gives the ‘white’ some texture but is still very subtle. (It also stops me from going insane as I work my way through 5,000+ of these).

2013-1-22 (7)

2013-1-22 (8)

Due to sheer volume I have purchased several thousand tiny paper pieces from a great online store that I found – their service and prices are fantastic – paperpieces.comImage

I know that I will finish this quilt ‘one day’ and I am not going to feel guilty about that. I will pick it up and keep adding to it but if it takes a couple of years I’m totally OK with that.

Thanks for reading this far about the beautiful Insanity Quilt. It was designed by Rhonda Pearce and one day it will look similar to this one:

insanity_2 (2)

See you next time,

Sharon πŸ™‚