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Hi everyone,

I try to make sure when I am documenting our life in Project Life that I remember to not only document my daughter’s life but to also include photos of myself and my mother. Paige turned 4 yesterday and she may not remember us the way we are today.

I love to see photos of myself with my Mum when I was a little girl and I don’t think I have any of me with my grandmother. To remind me to do this more often I have joined a photo challenge that is a tribute to a lovely lady.

The challenge is to take a photo every month with Paige and include it in our Project Life – she will hopefully be able to look back on these photos when she is older and realise how much she was cherished. I may take it one step further and get a photo of both of us with my Mum too.

Here is this months photo:

2013-1-6d (41)

The details of the challenge can be found over here at PLUCKY MOMO

I’m also going to show you one of my favourite photos – I had it taken when Paige was 2 days old. When I saw the prints I said “OMG! Look how tired and old I look!” – the photographer reminded me that I would look back on this photo one day in the future and think “Look how young and love with that baby I was”. And even after only 4 years I can see that love on my own face.

2009-1-9 (7)

So do it for yourself, and do it for your kids – head over to PLUCKY MOMO and join up this lovely photo challenge.

Bye for now,