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I’ve gotten a bit behind due to having a horrible summer cold. Very sniffley and not in the mood for too much. I’m on the mend now and have started to get the last few days organised.

Here are some work-in-progress photos of the last few days of my album.

Left side of 20th:


Printed on to red vellum – got a bit smudged, I’m going to ignore it. Photo of some craft projects to get done for next Christmas, and some daycare craft.

Right side of 20th:


Another collage of some of our Christmas decorations.

Spread for the 21st:


I really had nothing for the 21st due to feeling cruddy, so here is a free printable I found and some more of our decorations.

Left side of 22nd:


Pictures of the books that Ralph the Elf left my daughter (there are 3 pages of these).



These book photos are cut to 2.5×2.5 inches and then mounted onto a newsprint transparency.

Right side of 22nd:


An Ali Edwards file cut out on glittery paper with the silhouette. It has red vellum behind it.

The 23rd isn’t finished but here is the left side:


Christmas in North Queensland, Australia is hot and steamy!! It has been raining a little bit but it is still hot, hot, hot. One year will fly off to a white Christmas. I haven’t done anything on the right side of the 23rd yet.

This is the start of the layout for the 24th, I will be adding photos of the tree with the presents and some of the food prep.


Christmas day will go over 4 or 5 pages, lots of photos of presents, food, family etc. I will get onto that tonight.

Although I did have intentions of going all the way to the end of December my album is way too thick now so I will be finishing up with a few extra inserts at the back of the 25th.



These ornaments that my girl made were at the beginning but they were too heavy  so I moved them to the back and I think it works better that way.



I have popped some of our Christmas cards into a page protector, they will probably come out and get hole-punched and then straight into the book.

I will post another update when I finish these pages and I am thinking of taking some good photos when the light is better and adding a photo gallery to my blog.

Thanks for looking, hope you had a wonderful Christmas.