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A catch up post for the last 3 days.

Day 15

014A few simple embellishments added to the back of the day before. Two instagram pics of some Christmas gifts. A slice of transparency popped into the 2 inch strip on the side.

Day 16


We have unpacked all of our Christmas crockery, cutlery, trays etc. I did not realise how much we had, it certainly is adding a Christmas-y feeling to meal times 🙂

Day 17


A pipe-cleaner Christmas tree from daycare on the left. A card from my Paige in the centre.


Not too sure what is going on with the left side but the right side is our family. I note that Santa has now joined our family – work it Paige!!


I forgot to get a photo of the gifts for Paige’s teachers, will get one tomorrow afternoon when I see them and just slip it into the gap.

Phew, all up to date again – wish I could say that about PL.

Thanks for looking.