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Hi everyone!!

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I can’t believe the year is nearly half way through – where has the time gone? Actually, I can flick back through PL and know the answer to that this year!

Over the last few weeks I have found it difficult to put in my usual effort on PL and I can’t explain why. I still enjoy the process and looking at the pages but I am finding it a chore to take enough photos to get the ‘good ones’ that I want.

This week I have once again only just scraped in with enough pics but I decided to push myself to complete the pages and I am happy with how they turned out.

This is how I approach each week after I have reviewed, edited and printed my photos:

My very technical system for deciding what goes where includes a lot of post-it notes.

I get my photos printed at Big W – they usually do a reasonable job – I always get matte finish, no particular reason why.

My favourite tool – cheap and simple to use.

Each to their own but I think that rounding the corners gives the photos a nice ‘finished’ look.

I then slide in the 4×6 photos – in the date appropriate space if I have used an overlay – or just where it looks balanced if I am using random shots from the week.

I then get out the 3×4 photos. I usually do a digital journal card, very occasionally I will use one from the core kit and stick a photo on to it with tape.

I then trim and round off the corners.

I then review the overall look and remove the post-its.

Then I start to embellish the cards – I use that term loosely – I really just stick stuff on.

Title card using some of my new supplies.

I particularly like to use collages where I have a bunch of photos that are part of a set – it is a great way to put more pictures in without using up extra space.

Although my DSLR takes a better photo I do use the iPhone alot – this is an Instagram picture that I put onto a 4×6 space in PSE. I think using different sized photos makes it more interesting to the reader.

Another Instragram picture.

Two digital journal cards. The washi tape is just for show 😉

Where it is not immediately obvious I include the arrow stickers from the core kit to link the journaling to the photo. Apparently “I love parcel”, I also love parcels.

Another collage and the use of a full 3×4 photo.

An instagram onto a digital journal card (complete with spelling mistake – doh!) and a screen shot from my phone.

Here is the whole layout.

The left side.

And the right.

So that is it. Thanks for looking and please let me know what you think.

Until next time,