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I will be sharing this post at The Mom Creative.

It was another ordinary week for Paige and I. The biggest highlight for me was a bit of a cool change. I have the constant heat that we have here in Townsville so this has been very welcome.

The pages are nice and bright and just show the everyday things that we do. ย This week I went a bit sticker crazy and have used quite a few – I like the overall look.

The title card:

The layout:

The left side:

The right side:

A few close ups:

That is degrees inย Celsius which I know is not really cold , but it much cooler than we are used to (it’s all relative) – and I LOVE IT!! Paige modelling the shark jumper that her Aunty bought her.

What I do while I am waiting for my photos to print at the local supermarket – cake and Facebook… will be cutting out the cake soon!

I kept Paige home from daycare one day because of an asthma attack early in the morning – we ended up baking.

Paige was in charge of cake decoration.

My sleeping kiddo and cat. Paige is becoming a total chatterbox – she doesn’t ever stop.

Miss P is developing a fully-fledged washi tape addiction.

We did a couple of walks around our neighbourhood – I push the tricycle most of the way. We have a lot of new houses being built so there is always something interesting to see. ย The mad hexagon project continues – I will do a count next week to see how many I’ve done.

So just a nice ordinary week for us. Hope you had a good one, thanks for stopping by, and please leave me a comment if can – I’d love to hear what you think.