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Nothing exciting to report this week, it was actually difficult to find pictures – I have been a bit slack. None of my pictures are ‘exclusively’ about this week, but they are a general reflection on life for us.

Here is the full layout:

The left side:

The right side:

Some close ups:

Some washi tape and a few stickers

Another ‘artwork’ that Paige did at Daycare.

Instagram digitally put onto a card and some text over a 3×4.

Paige and Nana.

A paper bag with some parcel tags inside (to journal on later),  a digital journal card, and an Ali Edwards overlay.

A journal card, a 3×4 picture, and a collage of some instagrams.

If you see my mojo send it home as I am fading here.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a great week.