Hi Everyone

I will be sharing this post at The Mom Creative

Another week where we didn’t seem to do much but still managed to get quite a few good photos.

This week includes:

  • a crochet project
  • new gumboots for Paige
  • a present for Paige
  • looking through PL album
  • my favourite TV program

I have also included my February Photo 365 pictures in an insert, and also made a small insert with a scrap of page protector that I had cut off another one.

Thanks for looking at Week 9, and sorry for the dodgy photos this week.

Here is the Left Side:

Right Side:

Insert Front:

Insert back:

The layouts:

Some close ups:

A bit of washi tape and a scrap of page protector, I like how these just swing in the layout.

No words… Hmmmmm… we did have a healthy breakfast and lunch. Moving on!

My Mum and Paige looking through last weeks pages.

We were all wearing the same sort of bracelets – Mum, Paige and I. I just cut a 4×6 in half to fit into 2 pockets.

My friend Sarah has also started documenting her project over here at http://documentingchaos.wordpress.com/ – she would love you to check out her posts. She has some great ideas.

This week I also participated in a Blog Hop where I did a long post about themed weeks/photos, have a look and see what you think – February Blog Hop

Thanks for looking, see you next week.