Another week down and still enjoying Project Life. I will be sharing this post at The Mom Creative – I hope you enjoy it – a lot of lovely bloggers are sharing their work and it is really motivating and inspirational to me to see what others are doing. You should check it out.

Our week this week was pretty much just work and daycare but I have managed to  easily fill another double layout. I hope you like what I’ve done – I would love to hear from you if you do. So far I’ve had 3200 views on this blog and less than 120 comments, that doesn’t seem like many to me.  I nearly always leave a quick comment when I read a blog so not sure why I don’t get very many. Do you other bloggers find that too? Let me know if you are blogging and I will add you to my blog-roll.

On to the week:

  • Visit to the vet for Isobel
  • Washi tape gift from a friend
  • Flo came home
  • Paige & I went swimming with Mum
  • Week 1 of my 12 Week Body Transformation
  • Kiva loan

So here are the photos:

Left Side:

Right Side:

Close ups:

A little pocket I made from off-cuts of a page-protector and some washi tape.

Photos added to digital cards in PSE:

So that was the week that was. Hope you enjoyed my post.