Having never done anything like Project Life on a regular basis I had no idea how I was going to put it all together each week. I fear that if I get behind that will be the end of it – so I am making a big effort to stay up-to-date.

My process is evolving but this is how I am doing it this week. My week runs Monday to Sunday, if I know that I am going to be going to the shops through the week I will save the pics I know (or think) I am going to use and get them printed at Big W while I do my shopping. Digital processing only costs 10 cents a photo which is very reasonable and I don’t mind if I print extras as it is only a few dollars. I have been putting leftover photos into an album for my daughter to play with.

When I get the pics home I slide them into the slots and then think about the journaling.

I am teaching myself PSE and have been preparing my digital journal cards after I decide exactly which cards & photos I am going to use. You will see that I have popped blank cards in to remind me which cards are going into which slots. I did the journaling on the same design of each card. In these pics I have also used sticky notes to remind myself which photos to add.

I am using another insert this week so there are heaps of opportunities to practice with PSE. One thing I am not decided on is whether to print the smaller photos directly onto the journaling cards or to attach them after (I think I prefer after as it gives a bit more texture). I will be able to compare with these two when I get them printed on Sunday.

These 4 pictures are 2.5×2.5, I will get them printed on a 5×7 and trim the edges:

(How tired do I look? That’s what two 10 hour nightshift will do to you)

Getting the journal cards printed as photos seems to be the best solution for me. My printer is not very good and I think it is probably cheaper to do it this way. I am usually at the shops on Sunday to meet up for a coffee, get groceries or visit the markets – I will get my photos printed then.

On Sunday evening I will be able to sit down with all of the journal cards and photos, after trimming it will be pretty well finished except for a few embellishments and maybe a few handwritten notes.

If something really exciting happened or I get a great shot that I want to include I will just leave the spot blank and get it printed next time.

I am finding that by looking at the layout midway through the week it gives me an opportunity to get more photos of people or whatever I think is missing. I am taking a lot of iPhone pictures lately and that is why I have added the extra insert this week. The smaller pics look great on the journal cards.

I am mainly sticking with the Clementine digital cards but there are so many others showing up on Pinterest that I might start adding a few of those too.

I will post my completed week on Tuesday.

Happy Project Life-ing.