This week I’ve been trying something new. I have spent Saturday trying to teach myself Photoshop Elements so that I can use digital elements and to personalise my photos more.

One of the things that I wasn’t sure about was what to print my journal cards onto – there has been discussion on various threads about the pros/cons of various paper/card. My printer is not very good so I have decided to just print them out as photos when I get my pictures developed – photo processing is so cheap here.

Here are some of the digital cards that I did that made it into the album:

I really like how this turned out (except the spelling error – will reprint). The journal card was a freebie from Wild Blueberry Ink. The red cards below show the difference – I prefer the digital typed version.

A bit disappointed with how the white text printed on the journal card – I will live with it this week. I used PSE to print both of the 3×4 cards onto a 4×6 print and then just cut and trimmed them – it was really easy and I like the overall look, I am fairly sure that the majority of my journaling onto the small cards will now be printed out. The font that I used is “Another Typewriter”.

This is the Left side of the week:

I used a digital title card and just added the photo and date in PSE. The photo overlay with the date is from Ali Edwards – I will be using a lot more of these on my 4×6 photos.

I have included a picture and a story about my regular ‘Crafternoon’. Added a sticker and one of the little stitched hexagons that the quilt is made of.

The insert that I have put in this week has some of Paige’s handprints that were done at daycare – they do a lot of art/craft  there so it will be a continual source of extras for each week – I told the teacher about PL and she will be saving things for me. I think I will continue to journal on the white sides of the 4×4 Instagram pics that I am including – it will show a small amount of my handwriting -and that will be enough. The photo of Paige has a sticker from Amy Tangerine.

This is the right side – I am definitely going to redo the 2 journal cards digitally.

A bit of handwriting like this is fine:

I will continue to practice with PSE and I am sure that I will be adding a lot more digital to my album.

Thanks for all of the visits to my blog and the lovely comments. If you leave me a comment I will check out your blog – I’m always looking for my ideas.

How was your second week?

Edited to add: digital journal cards (I will get them printed when I do my next lot of photos):