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Other than blogging my Project Life this new blog is a place for me to make my self accountable to my goal of not buying or starting any new craft projects in 2012. In fact I need to put it out to the universe  – I WILL FINISH SOME THIS YEAR!

I like to quilt, knit and crochet (all very practical pursuits for a woman living in a tropical climate –  can you have too many quilts, shawls or afghans???).

I am very lucky to have a spare room that is a craft room. It has become a project in itself – “The Room of Doom”. Stacked high with projects in varying states of completion, I would put a photo up but it would be too embarrassing.

My first WIP (Work in Progress) is a very long term project that I know will not be finished this year but I would like to make significant progress on it.

This is my miniature hexagon quilt. These little suckers are only 1/2 inch in size. They live in a lovely red suitcase:

They involve a lot of snipping of paper:

A lot of preparation:

A huge amount of hand stitching:

And after many, many, many hours of sewing:

What is most disappointing about this project that it is never ending. After all of the effort it is only the size of a pillow case! I’m not sure what it is going to be – I am thinking a throw or bed quilt – but it is going to be so much work.

Here is a close up to see how tiny they are (I have small hands, that is my thumbnail):

I will beg and borrow and have friends give me their fabric scraps and I will keep on going. This is sewing that I can do while watching TV, I find it fairly relaxing.

Maybe it will be finished for my daughters 21st birthday (did I mention she has just turned 3?).