Good news and bad news. Thrilled that there have been 118 views of my new blog, bummed that there have been zero comments.

Week 1 of 2012 was a big week for us, Paige turned 3, so I had a lot of extra photos that had to be included – I have done this with 2 extra inserts.

Here is Left Side:

Right Side:

Whole Week:

Insert 1 – Front & back – (I still need to finish one of the journaling cards):

Insert 2 – Front & back – (Still need to cut the corners off the pics):

A couple more pics with the inserts in place:

Although I did PL last year I was not particularly creative and I would like 2012 to be a bit more interesting to look through.

I am finding my iPhone particularly helpful as I am taking a lot more photos, using Instagram app and also Momento app. Momento is great for noting down things as they happen and having an instant record (in calendar format) to look back on when it comes time to filling in journal cards.

Overall I am pleased with this week. Now to look through the “Room of Doom” – I mean my craftroom to start cataloguing my other projects to be worked on (and hopefully finished) in 2012.

Thanks for reading, any comments or feedback appreciated πŸ™‚