Hi, I’m Sharon. I live with my 3 year old daughter in sunny Queensland in Australia.

I have decided to start a new blog that will document my projects in 2012.

I will post about my Project Life, I will post about my craft, I will post about my family and my life….. The Projects of My Life.

As a crafter I am a very good starter, not so good at finishing. This year I will not be starting anything new and will be working my way through my many unfinished projects. Hopefully putting them in this blog will keep me motivated to finish some.

Last year was my first year using PL and I really did enjoy it. I am no scrapbooker – so it didn’t look as fabulous as some that I’ve seen but it is almost finished and I am pleased with it. My daughter Paige loves looking through it, and for me that is what it is all about.

This year I am using the Clementine kit – I have the Core Kit & the Binder. I have done a front page and am also using the first spread as an introduction. We have a very small family – my daughter, my mother, my sister and me – so I have included us all in the book.

As I said I am not a scrapper (is that the right word?) but I will come back and add a little to these pages – some text, stickers etc.

This is what I have so far:

Title Page – I will be adding our family name and some stickers with our ages:

First Spread – This is Paige and I, and my mother (and Charlie the wonder-dog). I will include a photo of Paige in front of this tree each year – it will be interesting as they both grow. 62 is the number of our house.

This page has a picture of our house, and also my sister (and her pup Molly). I think I will probably include a photo of where we are living each year too.

I am on the look out for some extras to add to these cards.

My method for doing PL this year will be to have the book out – probably on the dining table – and add bits and pieces as I find them.

So far for this week I have printed a few photos and slid them into the slots. This week is Paige’s birthday week so there will be an extra insert for additional photos.

I am 90% finished on my 2011 album so will have to get that done soon. In further posts I will start to document some of the masses of crafts that are clogging up my house.

Thanks for reading this far 🙂